Who Thought Size Zero was Beautiful?

Posted: 20 October, 2012 in Comment, Life

At what point did both the media and fashion industry think very thin, shapeless and size 0 women were pinnacle of beauty?

The one question I have to ask them just who did they ask as they certainly did not ask the general public or so called real men?

Add this the untold damage they have done to young women everywhere by promoting an impossible image of beauty which frankly is not a real beauty but a false image created for themselves to sell products. Something both the media and fashion industry take no responsibility for saying it is not their problem not helped by governments who fail to take them to task!

But if the said industries actually talked to the general public they may be slightly surprised by real peoples idea of what makes a beautiful person which certainly not the models and images they keep shoving down our throats.

Just to give you an idea my idea of a beautiful woman is a woman who has real curves, some weight to them all more to cuddle and most importantly an intelligence so I can have good talk and someone who I can share my thoughts and life with.

I have never found the images of beauty the media and fashion industry keep feeding us very attractive as I have always found them false and shallow. All this confirmed by the said models vacuous and shallow lives.

Personally it is time for both media and fashion industry to stop pushing the false images of beauty and more real image of men and women so to reduce the damage they cause to countless young people, both physically and mentally, who try to obtain the false body image. Plus if the said industries refuse to take responsibility the authorities should force them take responsibility.

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