Second Life: The Quiet Revolution Continues!

Posted: 14 October, 2012 in Computer, Second Life, Virtual World

While all the big boys of the Social Network world continue to grow believing themselves the only way people can socialise effectively a quiet revolution of how people can socialise and interact with each other continues fuelled by a company called Linden Labs.

As I have said before elsewhere the future of way people socialise is not in the likes of Facebook, Google+ even Twitter but in Virtual Worlds like Social Life because it is far more natural and easier for people to interact with people directly even in Avatar form rather than in text. They need a point of reference or image to talk to when talking to a person as it is how we as species interact everyday.

Even without the hype or great presence on the Internet Second Life still grows and develops as a Social Network spawning new communities, allowing artists to display their work and even musicians an outlet for their music within a living virtual world. There are no other Social Networks which allow their users to express themselves in such a fashion even in real time.

Basically Second Life does something no other Social Networks can even hope to do in so much it builds virtual communities which spill over to so called real world, allow the artistic to express themselves and finally people to actually express themselves more openly which is usually shown in their own Avatar there.

But also Second Life does also allow for those who just want to dip into Social Networks with free accounts so someone can dip in and out of Second Life itself.

I would highly recommend people join the quiet revolution called Second Life especially if you love socialising, being artist or musician it will be for you.

To checkout Second Life itself just follow the link:

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Please Note: If want to view a Second Life Wikipedia then go to the Encyclopedia Umbra Machina.


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