End of an Era of Procrastination!

Posted: 7 October, 2012 in Comment, Computer

It dawned on me in the shower today, for some reason I think of things while having a shower, that for years I have procrastinated for years just how bad likes of Apple and Microsoft are bad at what they were doing while I was still using their products because I thought I had no choice in the matter and brave enough to use an alternative.

This sort of made what I said about these companies slightly hypocritical and hollow both to myself and people listening to me as I was still using the products in question though some 5 years ago to be fair I would not of had much choice in the matter as there was no real alternative to Apple and Microsoft.

Both Linux and Open Source have not become more viable alternatives to both Apple and Microsoft then only because of Microsoft’s disaster with Vista and constant run ins with the European Commission over its businesses practices in Europe. Add to the fact that both Apple and Microsoft have blatantly ignored the rise of Linux and Open Source software all in the hope it would go away only now, especially Apple, are they taking notice.

But what it does mean I can end my era of procrastination and actually take the move and remove all the Microsoft products including Windows off all my Computers replacing them with both Linux and Open Source software which reflects the fact that both Linux and Open Source are now viable alternatives.

So the upshot of which I can now criticise both Apple and Microsoft without being such a hypocrite and true to my views that both Linux and Open Source are, if not perfect yet but no software is, viable and usable alternatives.

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