Journal of a Lost Soul Part CCXXX

Posted: 29 September, 2012 in Journal, Life

I have been quiet this week because I have been finding a Linux to replace the Windows 7 on my laptop as I finally got fed up of Windows 7 being so unresponsive especially for the software I wanted to use. Windows 7 may have some wonderful features but using it as all Microsoft Operating systems since after XP has been a very frustrating and unsatisfying experience for myself something most normal users will accept but not myself as I would like an operating system which responded in reasonable time and did not lock up at irregular intervals!

So in the end after much failures on other Linux’s part not to take into account of the advancements in technology I finally decided on a Linux called Pinguy OS an Ubuntu based Linux without the dreaded Unity front end but a heavily modified Gnome front end. It is not the fastest Linux but it is stable and fitted my criteria I wanted an Ubuntu based Linux on the Laptop.

This so I can take advantage as the major fall out comes when Window 8 is released with all the software companies Microsoft have rubbed up the wrong way as lot of these companies will start to write for Ubuntu and possibly Debian based Linuxs.

Strangely both Linuxs I use on my main desktops and laptop, namely Crunchbang and Pinguy OS, are both British Linux distributions which was purely by fortunate accident as they were only two which actually suited my needs totally. It does say a little about that not all innovation here in the United Kingdom has been lost.

Meanwhile Winter arrived early here in the United Kingdom skipping Autumn, Fall is the American name which is not used here, totally which has meant out heating is on early this year with fun and worry of big fuel bills after this Winter. Plus the fact my one leg is already playing up because of the colder and damper weather so I have the fun prospect of yet another Winter limping around and discomfort when walking.

All in all it has been a very mixed week which only ended with minor disaster of one of our dogs taking Muffins of the Kitchen Surface so it could have been worse.

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