Where Apple, Microsoft and Others Keep Going Wrong!

Posted: 23 September, 2012 in Comment, Computer

It dawned on me just where Apple, Microsoft and Others keep going wrong with the designs of their user inferences with computers in general and it is a very fundamental error in so much they try to add too many features and eye candy but singularly ignore the fact users want a simple and elegant interface to use.

These companies have got so tired up in what they are doing crowing just how good their front ends look and innovative ways to interact with their computers they seems to have forgotten the user who gets pushed aside and ignored.

It is all very well having these nice front ends but did the companies stop to think what the normal end user actually uses their computer for and from personal experience very little other than emailing, communicating via the web or checking their social web sites and all these people want is a nice simple front end not cluttered with gadgets, wigits or other junk the computer companies think they want.

These people have been largely forgotten by the companies regardless of the fact they form the large majority of the users of their software and they make using computers for these people a chore and far from pleasant to use when computing front ends should be simple for these people to use.

This does not mean there will not be people who will love the new front ends to the software but these form a small minority of computer users who have more specialist needs or simply use computers for fun. To be frank this niche of the market has already been sown up by operating systems like Linux in private market and mainframe manufacturers like IBM in the business sector.

In conclusion companies like Apple, Microsoft and others should stop believing their own hype, hoping that end user will not get fed up of their hype and get down to actually asking the end user what they want out of a computer and they may even come up with a good idea or two. After all it not the developers, managers or so called visionaries within Apple, Microsoft and others who have to use computers everyday in a real life situation as they keep forgetting they live in a rarefied environment, you might say an Ivory Tower, not in the every day world of the end user.

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