Journal of a Lost Soul Part CCXXIX

Posted: 18 September, 2012 in Journal, Life

The last few days have been a real roller-coaster ride for those who know me as a number of things conspired to crash my mood to a very low point yet again. The main two culprits being our one dog, Kali, scaring us half to death as it looks like she managed to poison herself on a toad in the garden the other being the fact I encountered some people within Second Life who were less than pleasant to all around them.

It seamed they had a problem with people like myself, even within Second Life, who look different or act in a way which does not fit their pattern or so called normality to a point they will attack rather than ask. Though it looks like in the end both people in question had problems of their own which they could not leave outside of Second Life but pass them on to everyone else and ruining everyone’s evening in the process.

Only annoyance and frustration I have is the fact because of what is going on at work and my life around me I allowed the people to get at me something which I now try not to do but even my armour can break at times.

I have to feel sorry for those around me or know me as the last few days have not been the most pleasant for them where I am concerned as a down does involve me lashing out at people I know and love all part of the depression.

But in the end I have gone through the down and fighting my way back to normality again stranger in the conviction that I should be myself and if someone has a problem with it or tries to lay their own insecurities and problems on me to ignore them next time. At least I have the capacity and intelligence to learn unlike the people in question who will do exactly the same again if not to myself but to someone else who they fear or dislike.

Please Note: If want to view my Second Life Journal then go to the Journal of a Spectral Traveller.

Please Note: If want to view a Second Life Wikipedia then go to the Encyclopedia Umbra Machina.


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