Journal of a Lost Soul Part CCXXVII

Posted: 14 September, 2012 in Journal, Life

After the first week at work which I have actually enjoyed in a long time as I’ve had a week merchandising and helping the refit of a store which did look good after everyone’s work. It does mean these days off I am actually relaxed and contented after the last week.

The only blot in the landscape being the fact I am back to my old store Sunday but at least we have a new manager who does look like a good guy who has a very positive attitude to customers and customer service unlike other managers attitude which generally bad for all. So not a bigger blot as it used to be but the new manager is going to have some fun with some people at work who are little too big for their boots which is going to be fun for me to watch the out comes.

Also I have finally finished the set up of the two Linux Computers mow it’s just a matter of tweaking the desktop and software as I use the machines in anger. I finally sorted the sharing of two drives on the one Linux Computer over the network both from the Windows computers and other Linux Computer which I did learn how set up a Samba and shh hard drive shares which both will be very useful to know.

What this does mean I’m not using my laptop as much as I used to mainly because the whole using Windows on newer hardware is not as satisfying as the Linux computers mainly because of the security and poorly written code behind it I’m finding Windows slow and clunky by comparison to the Linux Computers.
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