Tilting at Ivory Towers

Posted: 27 July, 2012 in buisness, Comment, Life

A week of working a store which has an air conditioning set to 21ºC as a money saving measure by the company I work for all this regardless of the fact that the store temperature yesterday rocketed over 30ºC which made it very uncomfortable for everyone both employee and customer alike. It was that bad in the store we were getting complaints from customers about the store being too hot. But sadly these complaints will fall on deaf ears of an upper management who are more intent on saving money and making a profit than actually looking after those who will make their profits that being the customer and employees without which they could not even hope to make a profit!

But this is once again a prime example of the British Upper Management and so called Businessman who are so blinded by greed and making a profit at any cost regardless the effect it has on other people. In the end it is a very short sighted view which time and time again has returned to haunt them as eventually as their business fail and continuously struggle because of this short sightliness.

This is regardless of the warnings signs from companies like American Microsoft who since Bill Gates left has changed it attitude to just making money rather than being innovative and forward thinking. If they took notice they would of noticed that Microsoft’s fortunes since the change have not been as good whose employee record and standard of products has fallen dramatically since Bill Gates left. They should really should take note that Microsoft puts its profits first so much it now care little about it customers and employees to a point it is due a very rough ride from the IT Industry over it’s new releases of Windows and Office both of which are not being welcomed with open arms by the industry in general, at best given a luke warm to indifference by the industry.

All this in a background of other companies who are prepared to take risks be innovative even to the point of making mistakes, here in United Kingdom Virgin and in United States Google, because of this have made profits which are still grown in these difficult times. Certainly in the case of Virgin they also have a good record with their employees.

These companies show the way companies and capitalism in general should go with a better regard to both the customer and employees in general. It also shows greed, focus on only profit and failure to grasp and do things in a new way is crippling British Industry here in a fundamental way.

I know it is important for companies to make money but there has to be a basic honestly, morals and humanity as if these are missing we will end up with industry and businessmen who continually make the same mistakes again and again. In the end their inaction will bring both themselves and society in general as it stagnates and stops moving forward.

British Business as a whole is run by those who sit in their Ivory Towers and it shows as a once great industrial country wallows in durums lamenting it’s problems rather than actually doing something new and different to solve them. These businessman basically fiddle as British Business burns because of their incompetence, lack of imagination and their pure greed.

Capitalism much like Communism is an ideal which has been corrupted by those who put personal wealth, power and comfort before everyone else at a cost of everyone else’s basic quality of life and liberties.

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