Journal of a Lost Soul Part CCXV

Posted: 19 July, 2012 in Journal, Life

After two long days at work of mixed days I have two days off to hide from the world and all the hassle it constantly seams to throw myself and my partner. Just nice at the moment I have a partner to lean on as it makes everything so much easier. Then add to the unconditional love of two lovely dogs who always welcome me home and add such fun and light to the world.

The saga at work continues as the two people who caused much of the discord at work were off yesterday and strangely everyone worked hard without a back word or drama. It was a pleasure to work there again as even the manager who is a usual pain was calm and even human for once. I have to start to question there presence at work even if they are best so called salesman is this worth the disruption and discord they cause and my answer is no in the end as a happy workforce is far more productive and engaged.

I have come to the conclusion in the end the people in question at work are really not worth any effort on my part any more even as human beings as I find their behaviour beneath contempt and very self centred. If I really had a choice I would not even associate with them or acknowledge their presence as I really dislike what they represent as human beings!

I know that is harsh thing to say but what I have, as everyone, is a choice who I talk to, associate with and even acknowledge and regardless to those unenlightened people who think we have no choice in the matter!

Please Note: If want to view my Second Life Journal then go to the Journal of a Spectral Traveller.

Please Note: If want to view a Second Life Wikipedia then go to the Encyclopedia Umbra Machina.


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