Journal of a Lost Soul Part CCXII

Posted: 15 July, 2012 in Journal, Life

Once again our broadband speed has been reduced by our ISP, British Telecom, with the poor excuse that there is a fault on the line. Just call me cynical but now I am convinced the ISP is deliberately reducing our broadband speed in the faint hope that we do not notice.

All this helped by British Telecom’s speed test web site which blatantly lies about the speed you get on your line as it is yet another example of a big Company lying systematically to it customers. But in our house hold as the poor Indian technician discovered we are web wise and we know when our broadband speed has been reduced below usable level. Now I know why British Companies use Indian Call centres it is not because it is cheaper it is because of the abuse their customers would give their real employees and in the faint hope someone talking to Indian will not push their problems.

The upshot of which a letter of complaint will be sent to British Telecom as I find their behaviour and excuses of fault on the line very poor indeed. I have to also get my partner to write a letter to Royal Mail for a similar reason not providing the service we pay for. This seams to be a very common problem of customers here in United Kingdom with companies in general a general lack of good customer service and blatant lying when things do not go well for the customers.

The government is finally doing something to bring customer rights up to date and simpler for both the customer and retailer which is long over due but frankly a little too late as the existing business culture here in the United Kingdom is far from honest from the boardroom to the shop floor where employees are told to lie to customers. It is high time the government really looked into how business is done here in United Kingdom and do a major shake up especially with the recent revelations from the Banks!

I know I go on about this but I must not be only person in United Kingdom who is getting fed up with treatment we get from the companies and business in general!

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