Atheists: Are they Scary?

Posted: 1 June, 2012 in Atheistism, Comment, Life

As people have gathered I am a confirmed Atheist Agnostic because of my personal views of the various established religions especially both Protestant and Roman Catholic Christian Churches. I will point out I am very happy and settled being an Atheist Agnostic as it reflects my moral values and outlook about life.

But for some reason a large majority of both devout Christians and Muslims I have met have had a real problem with the fact that I have chosen this course of my life to a point they have to attempt to convert me to believe in god or dam right disrespectful with very heavily veiled comments that I am an idiot that I do not believe god.

They singularity fail to understand that I made the conscious decision to be Atheist Agnostic as I have the right of self determination and follow my own cause of life. They have the right to question it but not the right to belittle my decision as it shows a lack of respect of other people’s beliefs or non-belief!

But in the end I have come to the conclusion that most Christians and Muslims seem to be afraid of Atheist and Agnostics in general for some unknown reason or it is plain jealously in so much such people can live without the crutch of belief and can think freely without the constraints of an doctrine?

Either way these people should show respect the fact I chose not to believe in God as I have respect for those who actually believe in god as it is their own choice as is mine.

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  1. thesauros says:

    That’s cute – an atheist who believes in freewill. If you’re an atheist, or at least one who wants to be consistent with his belief system, then determinism is all you’ve got. Freewill is an illusion son.

    • As always a believer with condescending remark about Atheists in general who really proved much of what I was saying the journal entry!

      But typical of people like yourself you cannot show the same respect most Atheist have for peoples beliefs even Christians!

      What are you afraid of?

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