Facebook: Has Bubble Finally Burst?

Posted: 25 May, 2012 in Computer, Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, World Wide Web

Facebook was floated this week with lot of controversy of their own and founder, Mark Zuckerberg, making. It looks like that Facebook both over valued themselves and they and their Banks were not totally honest about growth figures to their potential investors.

I think both Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg have learnt a very harsh lesson about being honest and more open about their business and this will come back to haunt them as in the process they have shown as a company they have no real integrity and some very dishonest business paratices!

But we should not be surprised as both Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook have always shown a blatant disregard to their users, intellectual property and privacy for years so we should not be surprised by their actions with potential investors!

Facebook may be the biggest Social Network in the world but it’s recent actions during it’s floatation has confirmed a lot of peoples views of Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg in so much they are not totally honest, open and only interested in making money regardless of the fact who get hurt.

Then add to this stories that advertising on Facebook simply does not work and the personification of new Social Networks on the internet who do not have any advertising and do not data mine users information it seams Facebook and Mark Zuckerburg bubble has burst finally!

Facebook as a company has got far too complaint as it grew and now is paying the price for it and they should remember the likes of Pan Am who may have been one of the biggest airlines in the world as it went out of business!

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