Armchair Revolutionaries and Invisible New World!

Posted: 29 March, 2012 in Comment, Computer, World Wide Web

What I about to say here may be very obvious to some people but it has to be said to make the point again as some people still do not get it!

It has always struck me just how a large majority of people around me totally miss the fact that the Internet is both very public and social place to a point they only see the world directly around them, even on the internet itself, and they simply to not perceive anything beyond it.

This can be excused for those of us who were born before the advent of the Internet as our only access to the World outside of our immediate environment was through Newspapers, Television and Books. Our world then was smaller compared to now so in our case it can be very understandable people like myself can get lost or mystified by the new modern larger world.

But what is even less understandable why some of those who were born after the advent of the Internet have this same small world attitude in so much they see little beyond their own little world and singularly fail to understand the true nature of the internet. This could be due to their upbringing, or culture though I suspect it is more of the modern self centred attitude which has been encouraged globally in the Western Culture since the 1980s.

The upshot of this we have a large majority of people who use the internet from high level Government Officials to low level Workers who simply do not understand the internet is both public and extremely powerful tool for change socially. Then there are those who only see the Internet in terms of just a commercial entity something purely to make money and nothing else.

But luckily there are those few who see what the Internet for what it is a place where peoples, cultures and nations can meet, and exchange ideas, knowledge, understanding or simply talk to each other. Some have found this by themselves exploring and trying what is a available on the Internet while others have found the power of the Internet through adversity. These people quickly learn just how small the internet makes the world and it’s true power to bring people together in a way that nothing else in history has been able to.

These people through on-line games, social web sites and even virtual worlds meet new friends, learn new skills, expand their understanding of the world and even build new virtual global communities. They build a brave New World over the Internet which is largely ignored or ridiculed by those people outside of it as unimportant be that in Government, Business or even in the General Public all over the world.

There are those outside of these people both within Governments, Businesses and individuals who are starting to catch on what is happening, though very slowly, then it is only those Governments who want to suppress their people freedom, those Businesses who and see it as an opportunity to make more money even at the expense of others and sadly among the individuals those who see it as opportunity for criminal activity.

My personal view of all this it is an amazing opportunity for everyone in so much anyone from the comfort of their homes they can talk to anyone in the world who has internet connection, explore new virtual worlds and more importunity build new much needed communities both local and global replacing those destroyed by our modern world.

The internet itself is an opportunity in waiting to build brave new world rather than what most people perceive as a destroyer of communities, cultures and the such. My personal view is it is the responsibility of those of us who see this to inform or try to educate those who don’t even if they do not listen.

I know what I have said here has already been said by others but I think it is so important it has to said by myself and others in the hope someone listens.

Finally I find it totally fascinating that from my chair though my laptop I can talk to the whole world via the Internet, though lost in myriads of other voices, so potentially I can be an Armchair Revolutionary and change the world!

Just really think about that power!

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Please Note: If want to view a Second Life Wikipedia then go to the Encyclopedia Umbra Machina.

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