Scamming Comes to Second Life!

Posted: 24 March, 2012 in Computer, Scam, Second Life, Virtual World

Scamming is not a new thing to Second Life but in recent years it has become more to the forefront as Second Life has grown and become more well known. Myself it only became to my attention when a Scammer appeared in the virtual club I was in recently and tried a sob story on me in the hope to get some money for nothing.

From what I gather they are becoming the real pains of Second Life appearing everywhere annoying everyone where they appear by bombarding everyone with IM’s begging for money for various reasons which include their mother is ill in real life. Then they proceed to bagger everyone who they think will give them money until they either give up, told less than politely to go away or banned from the sim in question.

Basically they make themselves very annoying but sadly there are those people who fall for the scam or pay to get rid of the person which propagates the problem and keeps them coming back.

Easiest way to spot one of these Scammers is they always use an Avatar which looks like a noobie, no profile information and no payment used as it is always a throw away Alternative Avatar. They appear wonder around first then start to bombard everyone with IM’s asking for money for various things always accompanied by a sob story.

Easiest way to deal with the Scammer is to ignore them and report them both to sim/club/shop owner and Linden Labs themselves but under no circumstances give them money even to get rid of them as it will mean they will come back again.

Finally the scammers always use an army of Alternative Avatars just in case an avatar gets banned but it is still good thing to keep reporting them until they get the hint they are not welcome in second Life any more.

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