First There Were Campers, Now There are Beggars!

Posted: 7 December, 2011 in Computer, Scam, Second Life, Virtual World

There is a new scourge of Second Life which is the Beggar who wonders around the Second Life Main Grid claiming to be a noobie who asks for money. But it is a scam to get money out of poor unsuspecting Second Life Residents without actually doing anything within Second Life.

I believe the way the scam works these people use multiple Alternative Avatars, Alts, to scam money out of people by claiming to be noobies begging for a few Lindens which soon adds up to a big amount of Lindens if enough people give them Lindens. Then they keep creating new Alts as usefulness of older Alt has ended in so much people have sussed out the game of the Alt!

Basically these people activity is criminal in every sense of the word as they are conning money out of people under false pretences. Currently I think the Lindens Labs have done nothing about them and it highlights again that Linden Labs should Police Second Life a little better.

Luckily for more experienced Second Life Residents these scammers are easy to spot as they are the only noonies who ask for money directly as a rule most noobies tend not to ask for money. Add to the fact the way their Alts which claim to be noobies show far too much knowledge of how the Second Life Grid works.

The easiest way to combat them is not to give them any money to these people and politely tell them to go away.

Also Second Life Residents Should remember than Lindens can be cashed out as real money!

Sadly these Beggars like Campers before them are parasites within Second Life who just take money out of Second Life without giving anything back. Personally I both groups should be removed from Second Life because they are not prepared to add to the community there in general.

Please note: If want to see my second life journal then go to the Journal of a Spectral Traveller.

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