The Forgotten Side of Depression

Posted: 27 November, 2011 in Life, Mind

There is a side of depression which I suspect that people who never suffered with depression don’t even know which is the physical side of the illness. When my depression is active my whole body is racked with aches and pains with constant problems with my stomach. It can make whole experience of suffering depression far from pleasant and comfortable.

I sort of know why it occurs as when in depression my body is held at constant Fight and Flight mode the natural reaction we have when we are threatened or frightened but not a healthy state to be all the time as potentially it could be very damaging to the body. So far I have been lucky as the years of my depression has not done too much damage to my body.

I know these physical symptoms of my depression occur as soon as I return to taking anti-depressants a lot of these aches and pains go along with constant stomach problems with the added bonus my body in general relaxes. Always by itself makes me feel much better and relaxed.

It is should not be really surprising that depression has a physical side considering the control the brain has over the body so chemical imbalance there has a big effect on the body.

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