Posted: 25 April, 2011 in Bullying, Life

Why is bullying so abhorrent to me?

Because at school I was bullied because I showed an intelligence, individualism and was academic. Luckily it did not damage my education as I eventually go a degree the first on my Dad’s side of the family.

But it did have one major effect which has haunted me for the large majority of my adult life, my depression.

This bullying destroyed my self-confidence and self-esteem which robbed me of large majority of my potential and life. It now means I have to live with a depression every day along with my self-doubting and spells of a lack of confidence in myself and abilities.

Personally I would like to find the people who bullied me and tell them the damage they have done to me and ask them to apologise!

Do I hate these people?

No, because as a rule Bullies are already damaged people hence why they bully in the first place. I now feel sorry and pity them as now I suspect that I am stronger and better than they will ever be.

Finally I live in a country, United Kingdom, and a people who make the right noises about Bullying being wrong and attempt to stamp it out. But it is so engrained into our culture they allow bullying to go on and accept it as a normal part of life. I find that so sad as it continues to produce more people, like myself, damaged from Bullying and never realising their full potential because of it.

Note: This was one of the entries here I had to think a lot about as it is very close to my heart and deserved some thought.

Please note: If want to see my second life journal then go to the Journal of a Spectral Traveller.


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