It is a sorry state of affairs when it is easier to update the Facebook status manually with an entry pointing to your new WordPress blog entry rather than use Facebook’s own API to do so because it is so unreliable!

It strikes me this is a step backwards o Facebook’s part and still highlights the fact that Facebook still has major stability and speed issues even now!

It seems the average Facebook user is very happy with this situation and they are also quite happy to accept the various other major glitches of Facebook with includes both privacy and security issues. This does say a lot about the average user of Facebook or the Internet in general, I’ll let you the reader figure out what I think of these people.

But it is usual smoke screen on Facebook’s part who constantly say they know about the problems and currently fixing them when in reality they really cannot be bothered as they full well know the average internet user will continue to use their social web site because they know nothing better and stupid enough to fall for Facebook’s hype.

Facebook has its uses and work rounds which mostly save my own sanity but for users like myself who know and do not trust Facebook totally keep our presence there to the minimum to reduce any potential problems. We know that Facebook’s team will not or has no intention of fixing it’s problems as they are too busy making money and blinded by their own success and hype!

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