Facebook Does not Escape Criticism!

Posted: 3 April, 2011 in Computer, Facebook, World Wide Web

In recent months I have had constant problems with Facebbok in the form of constant performance issues, loss of status, display problems and most of all with WordPress updating statuses on Facebook. Yes, the problems are not as bad as those of MySpace but all are very niggling and unnecessary!

Facebook is the only Social Web Site which I have constant problems and headaches with as others like Twitter, Microsoft Connect and Yahoo are far more stable with fewer glitches and if they glitch it is always because of a major fault not niggling minor faults!

It has got that bad with WordPress updating Facebook that I now have to manually update Facebook with the WordPress Status that I created a new journal entry because Facebook API frankly is too unreliable. This is a very sorry and disgusting state of affairs to have with such a major Social Web Site like Facebook!

Facebook may be the biggest Social Web Site in the world but it’s constant performance issues and glitches are detracting from it usefulness along with it’s difficult Privitacy and Application maintenance screen which frankly are nearly unusable other than by people with a lot of Computer knowledge!

Facebook talks the talk that it is improving it’s service, ease of use and stability but as a user I am not seeing any improvement in Facebook with just the same glitches and problems again and again. Facebook should really take note of the current state of MySpace as if the Facebook team does not improve way it’s software works especially with newer Social Web Sites on the way that will be themselves in the future!

As you gather I am very angry with Facebook because this is the umpteenth time I have commented at their problems and I must not be only one having such problems. It seams Facebook, like Google and Microsoft before, as a large company think they do not have to listen to the users but by not doing so will in the end they will pay the price if they done!

As a final note to those who constantly support Facebook please stop are you are giving them the excuse to continue with the same and not improve plus the argument they have a difficult time maintaining their site falls down when other companies can successfully do the same with less problems!


Please note: If want to see my second life journal then go to the Journal of a Spectral Traveller.

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