My Journey Through Music!

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It is not until now I just realise just how long my journey through music through my life has been and how things have changed!

When I first got into music the Record Industry was still a real industry pumping music out everyone liked and such a wide range! It was a time when musicians and industry did not take themselves so seriously and it still had a real amateurish feel to it. Music then was written by people for people and the money side seemed to be a happy side line.

Then the 1990s happened and everything changed for the worse! Big business got involved in the music industry and the musicians started to take themselves far too seriously and the bubble was burst as far as music was concerned.

Until now when we have a sterile music seen where big music industry corporation tell people what they should listen too and pump out endless songs sung by second rate musicians who believe their own hype they are good!

But all through this change I have stuck to my original like of Classic Rock and because of Second Life now it includes EBM, Industrial and Goth music in my taste. Plus I look back to the music I’ve listen too and boy does it cover a wide range from pop, rock, mod, scar just to name a few!

All happy days with some songs which carry special meanings even now.

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Magical Music Mystery Tour Part CVI

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Do I feel like a traitor to my own musical culture by putting a lot of German EBM/Industrial/Rock music in my journal?

The answer is no as our music industry here in the United Kingdom is devoid of any modern music that is even worth the effort to listen to even within Rock. It comes to something when Classic Rock bands of over 20 – 30 years old can still go on tour and produce albums which are still brought by fans who were not even born when they started out.

When is the Music Industry in the United Kingdom going to wake up to the fact that pure commercialism and coping American music is killing off a once vibrant music scene here in the United Kingdom replacing it with a second rate music scene full of untalented and second rate artists who do not deserve their fame let along a record deal!

So until they wake up here I will continue to put what I think is the best of the German and Industrial/EBM music, stuff I like, in the vain hope that someone here in United Kingdom gets the message we are being fed second rate music by second rate arts via our own Music Industry and Clubs!


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