Welcome to the Bad New Days!

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What is very apparent in modern United Kingdom is that more and more of businesses from the biggest to smallest are now putting profit first at the expense of both it’s employees and customers. This is certainly prevalent among big business here which it is becoming the norm rather than the exception and now includes even so called international companies.

All this encouraged by a current Conservative Government who claim it does the country good as it will mean more rich people will invest in the country hence the country will climb out it current problems quicker.

Plus god forbid should these people have to pay more for labour here in United Kingdom as it would mean they would invest in countries with cheaper labour.

All this of cause is lies by the Conservative Party, even by the CBI ,as what it really means the few who are rich here in the United Kingdom would not get richer off the backs of other people which they poorly pay and treat, all in the pursuit of money currently.

Add to this these rich people on the whole do not invest the money back into the United Kingdom as the Conservatives claim they do but they take their money and run to other countries where they can keep their money.

All this sounds very familiar as it is highly reminiscent of Victorian England a place of the few wealthy, a large down trodden masses with a small middle class stuck in the middle. A society full of social injustice and inequalities with masses nicely kept in place by less than subtle methods by those who are in power and rich.

What a grim, grey and oppressive United Kingdom we have all made for ourselves in the blind obsession for money.

Welcome to the bad new days!

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Why Do Some People Think They are Above the Law?


What has always made me wonder, especially when driving, here in United Kingdom why do some people think they are above the law especially the laws of the road?

This is regardless of the fact the laws, especially on the roads, are there to make people’s lives safer and easier. You have to think the sheer arrogance and selfishness of these people who show a real contempt of other people in general.

But it does reflect the general attitude of growing number of people here in the United Kingdom who put themselves first regardless of the effect it has on other people even if their actions endanger peoples lives or even make other people’s lives more difficult!

Personally I think this attitude is disrespectful to everyone around them and society as a whole and what really gets me going these same people who complain if the law is too soft on criminals.

It basically shows the double standards of these people who want a safe society where law is upheld as long as they can get away with what they think they should get away with minor criminal acts especially on the road regardless of the fact they can potentially dangerous.

It is high time these people were told the fact they break minor laws makes them as bad as those who break major laws as both show a real contempt of the society and people around them either way!

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Our Establishment is An Anachronism!

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Here in the United Kingdom our establishment, a.k.a the Old Boy system, which once helped to create the once great country and a world spanning Empire is now an anachronism which now is holding our country back if anything killing off what it once created.

I know it has always been part of British society and government but now it’s very presence is both poisonous and detrimental to the countries well being. As a group of people the British establishment very nature it is very conservative, traditional and stuck in its ways run by people who will to anything to keep their wealth, power and even privilege even to detriment to the very country they try to keep alive.

In the end much has happened before in British history we need either remove this British Establishment one or for all time even if that means a revolution or the British Establishment needs to wake up to the fact that they need to change with times and move forward.

Either way if this British Establishment continues to run the country as it always done this once great nation will sink into obscurity along with the British Establishment who end up with nothing but hollow power and privilege.

We as a country need to modernise the way we govern and run business in this country even if it means the removal of what we think what makes the United Kingdom including the biggest anachronisms which include the Royal family and the Church’s involvement in government both of which have long out lived their usefulness in our modern society.

I know this view may be controversial in some quarters here in United Kingdom but I would like to live in a dynamic and progressive society here not the current stagnant and static society we currently live in which larches from one crisis to the next!

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Time to Start to Say Something!

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Too long have people in United Kingdom have been silent about what is going on in the world around them be it governments which look after it own at the expense of the people it governs or corporations which put profits before everything else including the quality of life of the people who work for them. All this so a small group of people can live in extreme wealth on the backs of a larger group of people who have to struggle to keep their homes or even afford to keep their bellies full.

And this small group of wealthy people claim they do it for the good of the country and if it were not for them the country would be in trouble economically. But this is a lie as if anything the country would be a better place if these people were removed from their positions as they are the cause of the economic problems of the United Kingdom as their very presence has crippled the country with their greed and blinkered conservatism which has held back the country!

It is high time we all start to say something about this state of affairs as this has gone on too long and we all deserve decent lives and real chances here in United Kingdom not the privileged few as it is now.

If that just means like myself writing my thoughts in a public blog every little bit counts and if enough of us do something as it has been proved in the past people can change the world even with many small actions.

As it has been said and proved from history the pen is mightier than the sword!

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