In and Out of Love With!

Leave a comment is one of those things which I fall in and out of love with depending on my mood at the time. It is one of these useful little web site things which gives you a simple to create web page which sort of reflects your own identity on the internet.

It is meant to be simple, small and concise as that is the very essence of and the way it conveys your identity on the web. After all it is a far more effective way to grab people’s attention with something which is small and direct to the point much like if you meet someone face to face. After all we all do it make up our minds on the first impression when we meet someone the first time. is not perfect as it, much like most software of it’s ilk, has both a limited free version and all singing paid version which is much more customizable. My only real complaint with free version the owners of have got far stingy over the years with what they give away in so much the quality of Statistics page in the free version has got worse over time I have been using them.

But other than these minor gripes and the fact I keep falling in and out of love with it depending on my mood and views at the time it certainly does what it claimed very effectively and elegant way. Plus it is certainly easy to use even if you are not a geek or ubergeek as I claim I am sometimes in moments of weakness. can be found on the web at definitely worth a look and play with if just for fun.

And my personal profiles, I have two as I both have a real and virtual me on the internet, can be found for real self at and my virtual self at

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So Many Lonely People!

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If the modern world is such good, exciting place full of technologies which allow us to communicate even easier from our computers, just why are there so many lonely people in this modern world of ours and why are so many people looking backwards to so called go old days and not forwards?

Please Note: If you are interested in a more personal journal of mine just follow the link to Acta Spiritu Amisso.

Please Note: I also have a small personal social network which is invitation only just follow the link to Luther’s Chosen Few.

A Case of Lack of Thought and Understanding!

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What I found close to the mark the company I am working on asking those of use who work for them to write on any social web site as if I am still have my uniform and badge on, that is be careful what I say as it my reflect badly on the company.

Sort of struck me as a direct attack on my right of freedom of speech, I suspect they worded it wrong but it was a good example in itself you have to think before you write something as such remarks have got companies in deep water before. Hence much like companies I put a disclaimer on my blogs to cover myself as after all if it is good enough for a company it good enough for the individual.

What it did show in it wording a lack of real understanding of what Social Media actually is even those who work in management of a big company which claims to be one of the bigger computer retailers. After all why should they be any different to normal users who still have a difficulty understanding the basic concept of a social web site in so much all posts can be public and read by all!

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Please Note: I also have a small personal social network which is invitation only just follow the link to Luther’s Chosen Few. The Joy of Good Friends!

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I think it is high time I mentioned here again as recently it opened it’s doors again to new members without invitation after being closed because of those sad individuals who really thought it was a good idea to clutter the social web site with spam.

Though will only remain none invitation as long as people remember that spam is not welcome full stop. So warning to the spammers out there do not spoil it for other people as we are not interested in your ware and leave such spam at home!

So why should someone even bother with a small social web site like

Simple it is because it is small, personal and definitely has a very friendly regular members some of which are very talented and most definitely entertaining.

But the most redeeming feature of is the fact it is a privately run social network, donations are always welcome, which has no adverts, no shareholders or commercial companies anywhere near it.

Basically is what a real social network should be somewhere where people can talk, share pictures, share music and the such in a relaxed and real network!

To find this truly different social network follow the link and join a real social network with real people.

Please Note: If you are interested in a more personal journal of mine just follow the link to Acta Spiritu Amisso.

The Joy of Hosting at Home!

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After the less than satisfactory experiences I have has with third party web host companies especially those which are free I have finally got around to hosting my web site and one blog on one of my home Linux Computers.

It has meant I had to do some quick learning how to set up an Apache Web Server on a Linux Computer and getting both port forwarding/dynamic dns working all of which turned out to be a lot simpler than I thought.

I know I have the advantage over a lot of people there because of my experience in working with computers but there are a lot of resources and examples how to set up an Apache Web Server of which a large majority of which are very useful and easy to use.

But in the end by hosting my web site and one blog on my home machine I have freed myself with the constant problems and limitations third party web hosts put on me and more importantly I have finally total control over the hosting of my web site. All this helped by the fact I use a Linux Computer rather than a Windows Computer which frankly would not of been stable enough or as easy to set as a Linux Computer.

Would I recommend people host their own web site?

The simple answer is yes especially if you have a Linux Computer and low traffic site as in the end it is a very good learning experience and gives you a lot of control and freedom hosting your own site. Myself I have not looked backed and enjoying the whole experience from start to finish.

Please Note: If you are interested in a more personal journal of mine just follow the link to Acta Spiritu Amisso.

Facebook: Questioning It’s Continued Existence!


After recent events here in the United Kingdom and Facebook actually allowing people to post pictures of people being beheaded I am starting to question if Facebook should be allowed to continue in it’s present form!

It is fine the founder wants to build a fully open social network but there are limits and basic rights people still have to privacy and not subjected to constant stream of inappropriate material or even to a social network which basically focuses on the bad and trivial things in.

Facebook from where I stand has become a joke of a social network which frankly has failed because it’s owners put profit and it’s corporate sponsors before it’s users. Then this made worse by Facebook owners failing to tackle the problems some of it’s less than honest or even criminal elements on the network, if anything almost encouraging them in so much only doing something after the fact when someone complains rather than using their discretion to nip them in the bud!

All this further compounded by a culture of the Facebook users who think it is very acceptable and normal to throw abuse at other people, lie about their lives and even paint a better picture of their lives. This may only be a small group of people on Facebook but it has the biggest effect as in the end as it effects the large majority of people there. All these lies in the end effect people in a very negative way even feeding people’s envy, jealousy even their insecurities.

I know there are those people who use Facebook as a social network but now they are becoming a smaller minority there as there is a growing number of people who are using their feet to leave Facebook because of this growing majority of users are trivialising, abusing and spreading hate on Facebook.

Even myself I have felt better and much settled after leaving Facebook as it’s very nature had a very negative effect on myself because of the constant barrage of hate and triviality I was subjected too there. Regardless I may of lost contact with some good friends it was the best thing I have done leaving Facebook as it has helped my depression by removing a constant source of negativity from my life!

As I said at the start I and I suspect others, even within the media in general, are starting to question Facebook’s continued existence in it present form as rather than being people together or building new online communities it is having a very negative effect on people and being abused by those people or groups to spread hate, envy and discontent.

In the meanwhile the owners of Facebook do nothing much like Nero that is playing the Fiddle while their Rome burns in a most spectacular way. The question has to be asked just when are they actually going to do something about the problems on Facebook or are they just going to continue ignoring them in faint hope they go away?

A subtle hint to the owners of Facebook they are not going away if anything they are getting worse pushing away those people who would contribute in positive ways to Facebook! A Word of Warning

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This is a bit of warning about a free host called who frankly have been more of a pain than useful over the last year who seam to suspend free hosting web sites at a drop of a hat. For the second time in year they have suspended my account because of over use which is highly surprising as I never get more than 3 to 4 hits a day then only on a good day so in over a year I’ had just got to a 1000 hits’

In the end I have had to give up with as a bad job as my argument what is the point of using a Free Host if you get little more traffic for a short while more than 10 a day they suspend you. I have moved to free web hosts which claim not to restrict both file usage and bandwidth in the hope I do not fall for the same trap again’

Personally after being stung by twice while other free hosts with restricted bandwidth have not done the same to me I would not recommend anybody uses them as I suspect they routinely suspend accounts to give an unsubtle hint you should buy a paid web hosting from them. If this is their tactics of getting people using free web hosting to buy their products they can keep their free hosting as it stinks!

Scary Places on the Internet!

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What has become very clear from my experience both on and Second Life that some people are finding them very scary places because they have to actually socially interact with people on both of the said social networks!

This does highlight one major flow in modern man world over with ease of communication now modern man has lost the basic social skills we all once had to a point they are lost when they are faced with a real social situation even on a social web site.

How this situation actually happened is still a mystery to me but it could be due to a large part people spend more time at home in front of the television watching the world rather than interacting with the world itself. Add to this children now spend more time indoors either in front of a television or playing games on computers or games consults rather than actually going out and playing with other children as they did in my day.

I think this has produced a generation which are socially stunted incapable of actually holding a proper conversion with someone and it really shows in the way they talk to someone or more like they now talk at someone rather than listening to each other.

All this further exasperated by a media which encourages a shallow society which is more concerned with trivial matters than real social interaction between people. Even social networks like Facebook encourage such reactions between people nowadays.

So I should not be surprised when modern people when confronted with a real social web site, for example or Second Life they are totally lost or scared as they really do not have the social skills people like myself were taught when we were younger.

And what do they do? They run away like all modern people from something they do not understand rather than learn something new which could be potentially very useful and rewarding to themselves!

Facebook is Now But an Old Nightmare!

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It now been over two weeks since I deleted my Facebook account and frankly the last two weeks have been a lot more hassle free and my mood has generally been better which has been very noticeable to those around me.

What it has shown me due to it’s nature Facebook is having an unconscious effect on peoples and my own mood in a very negative way which in itself is very surprising. I cannot really put a finger on why other than it’s very nature brings out the darker side of people’s nature due to the very nature way Facebook is set up.

I have think I have said this before Facebook now fails to do it’s basic task of being a Social Network if anything by it’s very nature and the way people now perceive it as a place for gossip and for trivial matters has change it’s very nature for the worse. In so much people do not go there to socialise any more but to catch up with gossip and such trivial matters with basic socializing and keeping up with old friends as a very poor second.

When I was on Facebook the last thing I could do was easily keep up with my old friends and have private chats with them as the whole nature of Facebook discouraged this. I could not even keep up with their lives on Facebook itself as it got lost in the dross Facebook fills it’s news feeds with without doing some unnecessary work.

Basically in the end Facebook stopped being useful as far as I am concerned made worse I used the excuse that I was there to keep in contact with friends to stay there but I simply could not easily!

The biggest irony of all these so called friends did not comment elsewhere that I left Facebook or even missed me once again just showed to myself that Facebook was failing to do what it claims that is being a social network!

MySpace has Gone Same Way as Facebook!

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Today MySpace went the same way as Facebook in so much I deleted my account with no intention of going back there but for slightly different reasons. Basically MySpace new format and contents basically do not appeal to me especially the choice of music which only includes mainstream current and new bands, e,g, too commercial.

But what it does show much like Facebook the major social web sites really not do not do what they claim to do which is be social web sites but have become places for businesses to peddle their wares including music all at the expense of the social side. They have lost focus on what they should be focusing on their users who make their social web sites work something they certainly not doing at present.

I suspect that there are a growing number of people like myself who are getting very disenchanted by the major social networks like Facebook and MySpace to a point they really do not give us anything we need any more. Then like myself they are leaving these social networks looking elsewhere which is missing on the major social networks.

My personal opinion is if both Facebook and MySpace do not do something about their social networks and leave them as they are both will be doomed to collapse or fading into the background in relative obscurity. The process has already started with MySpace and only a matter of time before it starts to happen with Facebook.

Facebook is Gone Without a Regret!

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Last week I finally let Facebook this time without one regret or even a tinge of sadness at the potential loss of some friends there but finally Facebook really got on my nerves because of what it has become a place for the trivial, shallow and finally a place which people to use spread unfounded fear, hate and even racism. All this in form of status, pages and so called interesting/funny cartoons!

The final tipping point was one of my so called friends there who thought it was acceptable to spread the obviously fake Australian Prime Minster speech which said Australia would kick out all the Muslims there which was further compounded by the fact they agreed the sentiments. At this point I really thought hard and quickly do I really want to be associated with a social web site which allows such racist and inflammatory posts.

Then add to this my personal view that Facebook has stopped being what it was originally a social network but a place where businesses hammer adverts down your throat and abuse the data given by users to Facebook in good faith. On top of this it has also become a place of trivialities not helped by the fact Facebook encourages a laziness and apathy of it’s user by it’s very nature.

All this and the attitude of Facebook towards their users and their data finally tipped the balance and my Facebook account was deleted this time without a regret or a look backwards.

This also had one other nice side effect as since I have deleted my Facebook account my mood in general has improved over the week as it seems that Facebook’s very nature and contents had a very negative effect on my mood. This did really surprise me as I had not realised it was having such effect on me!

Facebook is Back to Doing Questionable Activities!

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Recently in various news web sites Facebook has appeared again this time because they are asking some people on Instagram to produce real identification after locking their account. Initially most of the users thought it was a scam but the said users soon got emails from Facebook/Instagram informing them they needed tha Identification to unlock their accounts.

And what was Facebool/Instagram excuse for this action? It was the said people had broken their term of service by not using their real names on the accounts which considering that users in the past were allowed to use any name on Instagram in the past it is a bit rich on Facebooks part.

But this is the second time Facebook has gone through such an exercise as a few years ago they started to suspend accounts on their main site because the accounts in question were not for so called real people which included a large number of Second Life Avatars.

All this in an effort by Facebook to make sure all accounts were for so called real people so the data they collected was more valuable to the companies they sell it too not for excuse they gave as it was against their terms of service or security.

All it succeeded in doing was browning off of a lot of users of Facebook who suddenly found their accounts deleted made worse by the fact Facebook was not consistent only removing some of the accounts and ignoring the rest some of which are still going now.

So once again Facebook are attempting the same thing with Instagram for exactly the same questionable reason and I suspect all they will succeed in doing is alienating a number of users.

I personally start to wonder just what Facebook is up to as it slowly alienating it’s user base with ill thought out actions with very questionable motives as in the end all it is going to do is push away users who potentially bring something to Facebook as a social web site leaving a bland advert filled site as we are seeing now!

Facebook Turns People into Sheep!

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Recently there is a post which is being passed on Facebook which claimed that the Australian PM made a speech claiming she was going to remove all Muslims from Australia and number of other anti-Muslim sentiments. This post has been passed by people, even ones who claim to be intelligent and world wise, as true and it needed to be spread for various reasons.

But if the said people actually questioned and thought about what the post said it would not take much if the Australian PM had actually said those things within the post it would have been splashed all over the World Media currently and it is not. Plus with just one simple google search you can quickly establish it is a fake which is designed to cause trouble for Australian Government and to perpetuate Anti-Muslim sentiments on the Internet.

What this shows it now people now unquestionably believe what is written on Facebook has to be true much as media in general regardless of the fact we all know both from experience and history media can be manipulated by individuals and groups to their own ends with cleverly created stories for their own agendas.

It is not as if these people already know that our media in general has always been manipulated by individuals and groups especially with recent Rupert Murdoch and News Corp here in the United Kingdom which highlighted just how a powerful media corporation tried to manipulate the United Kingdom government.

But people of both United Kingdom and United States now are too lazy and apathetic to question what they are told on the media and seam to live in the glorious illusion what they are told on media especially on the internet. Until people wake up to this fact and start to question what is told them they will be sheep easily manipulated by individuals and groups such posts like Australian PM will continue to be spread on likes of Facebook promoting hate.

The New MySpace!


Recently MySpace has gone through a change into a so called social web site which fans can follow their bands but there is a big but on my part as I find it terrible for whole number of reasons. It will mean I will be eventually deleting my MySpace as I dislike it that much.

The first major problem being that on the new MySpace profile none of the user data from my old MySpace profile so in one foul move MySpace has removed all the friends had there. This would have been just a pain but what makes it worse is the selection of bands you can follow there is very poor indeed and limited to the mainstream of music with the token so called indie and alternative rock.

I know this may improve with time but frankly with the other issues I frankly am not going to waste my time with a so called music web site which only so called mainstream music much like I do not bother with Spotify as it frankly does not interest me at all.

Personally I not recommend MySpace to anybody as it now a terrible social web site whose content leaves a lot to be desired. I am of the opinion the change they make is really not going to help MySpace itself if anything make their position as a Social Web site worse!

Facebook Makes People Lazy!


After I read an article yesterday saying that Facebook as a whole makes people feel worse because they are envious of others who have better life in general than themselves and from personal experience it got me thinking about Facebook itself and I came to conclusion Facebook makes people lazy!

What do I mean by this? Simple people because of Facebook and it’s nature people have become very lazy socially expecting everything at their figure tips. This gets highlighted when heavy users of Facebook actually arrive in social web sites which encourage real social interaction in so much they really lack the basic skills to socially interact with a fellow human being. All they seam to be capable of is making negative remarks about other people or making such remarks the site is boring or they are bored.

Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg both have a lot to answer for by creating a social network which rather than encourages real social interaction creates a whole group of people who expect the social network to provide the social interaction and entertainment which frankly the wrong way round. Facebook has not helped the situation by adding games and other distractions which have really detracted from what the site was meant to be a social network.

In the end Facebook and Mark Zuckerburg have done more damage than good in the field of social networks by allowing their own greed and misplaced idea that people actually like an open life which frankly none ever did other than with real friends.

What Facebook and Mark Zuckerburg both have forgotten clearly it is not the social web site itself but the people who make it up gives a social network its life and frankly Facebook has no real life of it’s own but a group of isolated users who just end up posting trivia and playing games rather than actually socialising.

Myself and growing number of people are using Facebook less and less choosing other places to socialise on the internet which tend to be smaller and more personal social networks, for example and Anybeat before it plus in my case virtual worlds like Second Life. As like myself I rather socialise in a place created by the users not a faceless corporation or one persons flawed vision of the future of the internet.

Add to this growing numbers even on Facebook now just use it to keep in contact with friends and use it less and less reducing their presence there even to a point of not updating their status any more. Myself if it were not for friends who only use Facebook I would of removed my presence there totally.

It has not gone unnoticed to myself and others even some game companies who write Facebook games now are separating themselves from Facebook by creating their own sites to play their games and mini social web sites around their games.

In the end Facebook and Mark Zuckerburg have got it wrong blinded by their own greed and arrogance with a social web site which only exists because people are far too lazy to look elsewhere!

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