Using Open Source Has Become a Statement!

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At the start I used Open Source software because it was free and allowed me to use older hardware which would have been thrown away if I had gone down the Windows and Commercial Software way.

But now it is becoming more and more of a statement to the world by myself in so much I refuse to pay the inflated and unnecessary costs charged by the big Computer Corporations for operating systems and software which the large majority of the time simply do not do their jobs well or so full of annoying bugs and security flaws to make their use difficult!

Of cause this is all helped by the fact as I, and others like myself, have started to use Open Source more and more the quality of Open Source operating systems and software has come on leap and bounds in past decade certainly outstripping their commercial equivalents in quality, stability and more importantly usability.

I am now also start to see Open Source also as a political statement on my part in so much I use software which is created by the people for the people rather than depending on the Computer Giants who have tried to dictate what the average user used on their computers. The biggest example of this being Microsoft rewriting of the bios on computers to only allow their operating systems on computer hardware, something which frankly much like Windows 8 has not really been that effective to stem the rise of Open Source.

I now use Open Source both because it is better than most commercial software and to stick two fingers up at the likes of Apple, Microsoft and even Google!

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All the Lies as Windows xp End Arrives!

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As we all know Microsoft is about to end the support for Windows xp and as we have been told again and again means that windows xp is not going to be as secure because there will be no more security updates.

But this is only word of true anyone has been saying about the whole demise of Windows xp the rest of what is being said is basically a lot of lies, half truths and scare stories put about by those who want to sell you something or out of sheer ignorance.

It annoys me as the vultures circle around the Windows xp users trying to woo or scare them into buying their products rather than give them the advice they actually need to make an informed choice of what to do next.

There is one major flaw in these people arguments that Windows xp will not be secure after Microsoft redraw their support, would hold out if the current versions of Microsoft Windows operating systems were secure themselves even with constant updates. But the truth is even with the constant updates and up to date security software not one of the Microsoft Windows operating systems are that secure.

Myself from personal experience on a Tech Desk we now see far more post Windows xp computers than actual Windows xp computers which have been infected with viruses and malware regardless of the claim of Microsoft that their newer operating systems are more secure, it is simply not true.

The other lie that is going around it is cheaper and easier for a Microsoft Windows xp user to upgrade to Windows 8 than other operating systems which frankly is not true. In truth it is going to be as difficult either way for the Microsoft Windows xp user to upgrade up to new operating system full stop.

Either way a Windows xp user is going to have problems with any software they used on their old system in so much either way they are going to have to invest in new software to run on their new computers whatever route they take. Something forgotten by those who are claiming the Microsoft Windows 8 route is easiest way to upgrade as in the case of Microsoft Office this is not a cheap option which can certainly add to the costs of upgrading. Basically they want to gloss over such matters until they have the poor Windows xp in the process of actually upgrading.

Strangely mostly because of need of computers of all types to interchange data more easily the least problem the Windows xp user will have is transferring their data to the new computer.

Though if the Linux route is taken by Windows xp user it has one advantage in so much they can use their existing hardware and Open Source software so in the end, with some help, is the cheapest route to go. There is a bonus in the long term as it will also save the windows xp user more money and they end up with a more secure system.

As for staying with windows xp to be frank considering the major security issues the later versions of Microsoft Windows currently suffer, something Microsoft and it’s retailers play down, frankly currently it is no worse than upgrading to newer version of Windows. Though one thing windows xp users will have to contend with is newer software running on their computers simply not working as developers use newer features within the Windows Operating system itself. In the end it will be this which is more highly likely force the Windows xp user to upgrade.

In conclusion, contrary to the propaganda by Microsoft and those who sell Microsoft products, regardless if the Windows xp user decides to upgrade to Microsoft Windows 8, Apple or even Linux all are going to be as difficult as each other for different reasons.

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The Passing of My Opera!

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On the 3rd March Opera’s own social web site My Opera will close it doors and go off line. It will be a sad day when it does as once again I will lose some friends on-line again.

But I am not surprised that it is closing after all it was never going to be biggest social networks site especially with likes of Facebook and Twitter about but it filled a niche in the social networks world that is the small more personal social networks.

So on the 3rd March it will be sad farewell to My Opera and good bye to all the friends I made there. I wish them all well for the future.

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Using Windows 8 With Anger!

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At work today I had the misfortune to try to set up customer computers running Microsoft Windows 8 something I did with little success mainly because I really could not get on with the new desktop after using older Windows and various Linux Distributions.

I could not get on with Windows 8 desktop as it simply is not usable, intuitive or even remotely friendly to use if you want to do anything closely linked to maintenance of your computer. Those of us who have used Windows in the past know that to keep a Windows Computer running at it’s best you need to constantly maintain the operating system to keep it running at it’s optimum speed.

Don’t get me wrong Windows 8 is great for using the computer but that is assuming you did not want to do anything remotely cleaver or to do with maintenance. Then Windows 8 shows it’s greatest weakness in so much it is a confusing to use to a point it is almost impossible to navigate around the computer other than doing a search which frankly an arse about tit way to navigate around a computer operating system. It at this point you discover just what a real pain a lack of a real menu system is on the new Windows operating system.

In the for me and a lot others Windows 8 is not a pleasure to use as the previous windows but a chore and if any thing so user unfriendly myself and other simply cannot be bothered or want to buy machines loaded with Windows 8.

If anything in effort to produce a cleaver, innovative looking operating system in Windows 8 all Microsoft have done is produced an operating system which makes computing and computer use a chore not the fun it should be!

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Why, Oh Why Do People Still Buy Software?

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What still amazes me is that people still insist on buying software from the major software suppliers, including Microsoft, regardless of the fact in recent year the quality of Open Source Software has improved with lead and bounds and in the majority of cases it quality is far better than that produced by the major software suppliers.

I still understand why people buy the more specialist software as Open Source Software will never replace this type of software and I suspect they do not want to other than produce the tools to create such software.

But with more mundane and run of the mill software which include Word Processors why do people still pay for good money when a free and very usable Open Source versions are available?

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Window XP Users: A Word in Your Shell Like!

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As time for Microsoft Windows xp support is coming up as Microsoft stops supporting it this year most Microsoft Windows xp users are facing some very hard choices whether to upgrade to Windows 8 or to some other operating system for example Linux or even Apple OS.

But both these options will give Microsoft Windows xp real problems in so much a lot of software they currently run will not run and they will be forced to buy upgraded versions or find alternative versions of the software in question. Add to this a complete change of front end and back end of Microsoft Windows 8 which will cause them no end of problems including a very steep learning curve.

I have said elsewhere there is one alternative for Windows Microsoft xp users is Linux but that will also throw up a whole series of problems once again with software but there is an alternative which is not Linux or very close to Microsoft Windows xp in so much it is based upon the same Windows NT software architecture.

I am talking about a Russian Operating System called ReactOS which my be in it’s Alpha stage of development but as an alternative to Microsoft Windows xp could show much promise as real alternative and way forward for Microsoft Windows xp users at a faction of the cost and problems of running older software the user requires.

So for the Microsoft Windows xp who cannot move forward to Microsoft Windows 8 or Linux then ReactOS may be only viable alternative for them even if it is in it’s alpha state of testing it worth keeping an eye on it as it could be their only solution.

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Musing About Our On Line Society!

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Just when I was watching the news got me thinking do people really think about the nature of the society they are creating especially over the internet?
Do they actually think the society both around them and on line is acceptable?
Though if I said this on likes of Facebook I’d be shot down for questioning such things, sort of answers it!

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Where to Go Now with Scrappy-Doo?

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At the moment I am at one of those points with my main Linux Box, Scrappy-Doo, where I have done everything I wanted to do and more. That is I am hosting my own web site, my own blog, small cloud and small social web site on the said computer which all work well and I am slowly working on as all are in a stable state and just need tweaking.

As I said before it is sort of the nature of Linux and Open Source Software in so much by their very nature they are remarkably stable unlike operating systems and software from major computer software corporations which seam to need constant maintenance.

All this is very good but for someone like myself who is always looking for the next thing to do it sort of leaves me at a loss what to do next as open source software writers are most definitely some of the best software creators out there currently.

Though I do have a few ideas what to next which include a new web site for my partner’s virtual business within Second Life and to get back into finding something to practice my programming skills.

So watch this space to see where I go especially now I have moved into a new home and computer is in a better place and whole new environment.

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Linux: The Back Door Man!


Some time ago I said at work, I work in a computer store, that we would see Linux computers being sold in the store to which a number of salesman told be not to be so stupid!

In a way I was wrong as no Linux computers have appeared in the store but Linux has appeared in a large number of other electronic devices we sell in the store including routers, DAB Radios, Smart Televisions and large majority of Tablets. Here is a comical thing a salesman here actually thought Android itself was the operating tablet operating system rather than a Linux behind it.

Basically I was right the amount of devices running Linux sold within the store have increased while the fortunes of Microsoft Windows 8 computers whose sales have fallen over the same time in a more dramatic way mainly because it has not gone down as well with customers as tablets have been.

So in the end Linux has made an inroads into the consumer electronic market through the back door unnoticed by the consumers themselves and it seams the big computer corporations like Microsoft.

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Who Told Everyone Windows was the Standard Operating System?


The question that has to ask who told everyone in the first place that Microsoft Windows was the industry standard operating system?

As those of us who have worked for years in the information technology industry especially on the development side certainly have not anyone within the industry itself who have actually said this!

I suspect it is one of these myths perpetuated by Microsoft itself and those high up in the information technology industry who fell for the marketing of Microsoft or even blatantly bribed by them.

The real truth is Microsoft Windows has always been and will be one of large number of personal computer to mainframe operating systems used by the information industry and it’s customers. The only reason it has even become more important that it actually is, is because of general public perception du to lack of choice in the retail market.

All very cleaver on Microsoft’s part but far from the truth as Windows is one of many operating system not the industry standard used by the information industry!

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Do People Know That Social Networks are Public?

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Do People Know That Social Networks are Public?

Now you think that everyone who uses a social network, especially Facebook, Twitter and so on, would realise that any posts they make on these social networks are public, that is anyone can see their posts especially friends.

But it seams a large majority of users, especially the younger generation, do not even have a perception of this basic fact believing only their friends will see their posts even if they do not set their settings to private.

Add to this they seam not to have the basic concept that any posts they make on these social networks can be seen by the large majority of the users there. We are talking millions of users.

All this made even worse they really fail to comprehend the very public nature of the internet itself along with the fact you can reach millions of people there. Though they are not alone in this as governments and corporations on the large fail to comprehend the same fact.

I know these people, especially the younger generation, fail to understand these facts from personal observations at work where people have called in sick but posted things like they were drinking the night before or been to a concert the night before not realising that some of the managers are also on the social networks in question and could also read their posts.

I have to think did they not realise anyone could read their posts if you not set it to private?

I find it both sad and scary that these people fail to realise posts on social networks are public as after all potentially losing their job is least dangerous thing which could happen to them as an inappropriate post could land them in trouble with the law itself!

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The Much Maligned Spell Checker

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The Spell Checker has been much maligned by lot of people under the pretext that they make people lazy in so much they do not have to spell as the computer does it for them so they never have to learn how spell again.

But what these people have missed and from personal experience the last thing a Spell Checker does is make people lazy or stop learning to spell but the opposite. If anything it teaches people how to spell as each time someone uses to spell check strangely learn how to spell the word they are correcting especially if they make same mistake a lot of times.

Strangely the much maligned Spell Checker ends up being both a useful tool when writing and teaching someone to spell in it’s own strange way.

In the end it is always better to look at something with an open mind as you see more than someone with a closed mind.

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Luther’s Chosen Few: A Personal Place on the Internet with Help of Oxwall

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I have been what is commonly known as a geek again using the power and ease of use of both Linux and Open Source Software to set up a personal community website called Luther’s Chosen Few.

All started when I stumbled on a php based software called Oxwall which was a simple social website engine with a myriad of plugins which could be added to add more functionality to the community website most of which are free.

Much like the cloud software, Owncloud, all you needed to do with Oxwall was download it and unpack into the directory where the social web site was to be held on your server/computer. After which there is a very good set of instructions to set up the required MySQL database and attaching it to your web server software like Apache2.

The I had the fun of customising the site which I found easy including a theme and plugins required which I found to be easier than I expected. The people at Oxwall have put a lot of thought into this along with the administration of the site after it was set up which was also easy to find your way around it with little need to consult the documentation.

As you gather I would recommend Oxwall for those people out there who want to set up a small community website much I did with Luther’s Chosen Few. It also has Windows and Apple versions so there is also possibility of running on such computers but I not recommend it as both Apple and Window computers may not be stable enough to be a server.

So my personal closed community website, Luther’s Chosen Few, was bone a place where I can keep up with my friends outside of the main social web sites which I tend not like to use any more because of their very nature which is very negative in my view.

If you want to see the sites in question follow the links below:

Oxwall – PHP Social Networking Software:
Luther’s Chosen Few:

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Interesting Times Ahead for Microsoft in Business

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It could be very interesting times ahead for Microsoft on the business side of computing market especially with their latest release of operating system Windows 8 which still is not widely used in the business as businesses are only just upgrading to Windows 7 most putting off the upgrade to Windows 8.

What is coming clear is that from people who actually use Windows 8 both in a business and development environment it is poorly suited for such uses as Windows 8 makes such use very difficult indeed even if everything is left on a cloud.

Basically Windows 8 is a good operating system for a tablet and touch screen devices but as a serious operating system and on non-touch laptops it is extremely poor operating system because it is not that easy to use when you need to do something a little more interesting. This is also true of Windows 8.1 which is much the same as the previous operating system with a start button and few little useful tweaks.

This will spell trouble for Microsoft’s Windows 8 within the business and development environments in the future even if Microsoft try to encourage business users towards and cloud environment after all it lack of real stability and ease of use is not going to go down well in such environments. Plus add to this companies who have spent millions of pounds/dollars on server systems are not going to reinvest in a cloud based system just because Microsoft say they should. They may be a big company but once again they are going to find other companies do not like being forced to change and will kick back. Microsoft has learnt this lesson in the past when companies nearly dropped their operating system because Microsoft wanted to force companies to upgrade on a change of operating system.

In conclusion Microsoft will have to do something about Windows 8 to make it more attractive and usable in a business abd development environments as in it current state it is next to useless and not stable for such environments. If they fail to do so they will open the flood gates for use of Open Source Operating Systems and Software especially in Europe which is already occurring as I write this.

This could be possible end of Microsoft as a serious contender within the business and development environments if they fail to change their current direction!

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Height of Irony in the Clouds!

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I find this the height of irony as at work I sell Cloud products and get cloud products for free but I have just set up a small personal cloud for absolutely for nothing with the only limit on space being the size of the hard drive it is based upon.

I have used owncloud a piece of Open Source software which was easy to set up even it’s client on other computers and all you need on the server is Apache2 server running PHP also in my case port forwarding and dynamic dns on the router.

As I have said before the sheer wealth and quality of Open Source software never ceases to amaze me and in the recent decades has come on in leap and bounds something the more mainstream software writes have failed to do who now produce over priced software which a lot of the time fails to be real value of money.

Once again Open Source has allowed me to do something I could not of done decades ago and it is making my whole experience of computing a fun and productive place for myself and others again!

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