The Invisible Operating System!

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At the start of this week after talking to a Microsoft Rep at work about their Windows 8 Operating System and the current problems my partner is having with Windows Vista reminded what was wrong with both Microsoft’s and Apple’s operating systems is that they are not invisible!

Now you may think this is a strange thing to say but if you think about what the operating system should be actually doing in so much it is a frame work and user interface to make a computer in to a productive and creative tool. So in actual fact on a computer an operating system should fade into the background in so much it is easy to use and only maintenance which needed to be done on it are routine and automatic tasks which should run in the background with little or not disturbance to the user using it.

Both Microsoft Window’s and Apples Operating Systems fail on both counts in so much both are high maintenance operating systems which need constant tweaks to keep going at their optimum performance and both are extremely vulnerable to errors and malware, just Apple is better at hiding such things.

The upshot of which the user has to waste more time both just maintaining the operating system and fixing a constant stream of bugs and security problems both operating systems throw up constantly. All this eats into the time the user could be productive and create and defeat the whole point of an operating system that is to fade in to the background.

But as I keep saying both Microsoft and Apple have both hyped up the importance of their operating systems but both simply do not deliver operating systems which are usable, stable and low maintenance which unnecessary dominate the users time in maintenance and issued caused by the said operating systems.

But as always the large majority of users out there are blinded by the advertising and propaganda produced both by Microsoft and Apple and far too lazy or apathetic to look elsewhere or force both companies to actually produce decent operating system!

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Windows 9 Still is Not Going to be the Answer!

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When it comes out I still think that Windows 9 will still not be answer to the prayers to the current Windows xp users even with the return of the menu, start button and real desktop as it will still be Windows 8 in the background with all it’s associated problems. That is it’s associated problems with updates, security and customization which have always been part of Windows 8.

I suspect that Windows 9 will not cure any of the current security and associated software problems plus I suspect even with Microsoft’s claim the foot print of the operating system is going to be smaller it’s hardware requirements will still be bigger than any other operating system on the market including Apple.

So once again users will have to spend more on their new hardware or throw away so called outdated hardware which frankly is the greatest crime as the hardware they are currently using is far from spent so it’s a waste of money and resources. After all look at Apple’s computers they may be expensive but their operating system make better use of the hardware so the hardware last a lot longer so waste less resources in the long run.

I am still of the view we are serviced by a retail industry centred and blinkered to just selling Windows Computers which is doing users, especially Windows xp users, a major disservice at a time when money is short and we should be careful with the use of our resources in general if we want to reduce our pollution footprint on the world.

I will keep saying this until someone out there wakes up to the fact that the best way for Windows xp users is to go towards the Linux root especially with Linux Mint with xfce desktop as it will mean that they can keep their old hardware and a desktop which is very familiar. Add to this an operating system which is as stable and friendly as Windows xp was with the added advantage Linux Mint has little or no security issues of Windows has always had.

This is all from personal experience as I have already converted at least two ex-Windows xp users who are using old hardware to Linux Mint with xfce desktop with a lot of success. One of these people now use the Linux machine over their Windows desktop simply because it is easier to use and actually does what it says on the packet. Much like Windows xp it simply works and the operating system fades into the background where it should be.

I know I keep beating the Linux drum and point out the short comings of Windows but someone has to as currently Windows users are really getting a bad time on the internet in so much they are constantly plagued with malware and viruses even constant update problems something which is not right!

Add to this people think this is perfectly normal experience of the computer and the internet but it not the case contrary to what Microsoft and computer industry want users to believe. But this is not the case as with right operating systems including Apple operating system the internet and computers are meant to be easy to use and not hard work Windows has made it!

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Fun With Cultural Differences!

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I think this has to be said to clear some cultural differences between the United Kingdom and United States especially over the use of the terms Republican and Liberal in politics. This in a hope that some Americans do not get the wrong idea of my political views and stance.

So here we go to clear some misconception with those people across the big pond.

Here in the United Kingdom a Republican is not a major right wing political party, though it is a minor political party, but some one who wants to turn the United Kingdom into a Republic that is remove the Queen as the head of state and replace her with an elected President. It is an anti-Royalist stance as some citizens of the United Kingdom are frankly fed up with some their taxes being given to a Royal family whose existence is now in question in a modern country and they think the taxes could be better spent elsewhere as President would be cheaper option.

One interesting thing until a few decades ago to talk about a Republic in the United Kingdom was treason and you could be arrested for believing and even talking about a Republic. But now we can talk about it openly which is most definitely a step forward. There is even now a Democratic Republican Party here now in the United Kingdom but it is still a very minor political party.

Now we come to the biggest bugbear between the United States and United Kingdom the use of the term Liberal which definitely has two different meanings with ours in the United Kingdom being the oldest definition!

Here a Liberal is not a left wing or a communist or even a socialist but a political party which dates back to the early days of Parliament itself here in the United Kingdom. Yes, I will admit the Liberal are more left wing than the Conservatives here but they represent the middle of the road of politics which has always had it’s base in the South West of England.

Over the years the name of the Liberal Party has changed especially after a merger with the SDP party in the 1980s after which the party name was changed to the Liberal Democrats but basically the stance of the party remained the same.

What I think most American miss in our politics here is that our politics here does have a true left wing in the from of the Labour Party, though now they have sold out their left wing politics for votes but still represent the workers and Unions here in the United Kingdom. Plus we also do have real left-wing parties who stand in our General Elections which include the Communist and Socialist Parties.

This one of my pet hates with a large minority of the people from United States as they assume that when I use terms like Liberal or Republic they mean the exactly the same as in the United States but I will reiterate to these people there they do not mean the same.

All this goes to show there are those in the United States who have a cultural laziness to assume we here in the United Kingdom have the same culture as they do which is simply not true. As an Englishman I find this very offensive as after all I have taken the time to understand that the culture of United States is different to ours here which is definitely a very good thing!

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How The Mighty Will Fall!

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All I can say I think we will be seeing the swan song of Microsoft in next few decades as finally it succumbs to it’s own arrogance, lack of innovation and a corporate structure which does not have the ability to change with the changing world around it.

Though I suspect Microsoft will not be only mighty computer company to fall in the next few decades as all have not noticed the rise of likes of the Raspberry Pi Cheap Computer who is exposing both enthusiasts and new generation of computer users to the joys of real computing and just how easy Open Source Software is especially Linux.

But as always Microsoft and it’s associated big computer companies especially in the United States still believe they have the total domination of the computer market with those within industry who are too blind and still have faith in computer software which frankly is showing it’s age, lack of innovation and is the most prone to attack as in Microsoft Windows Operating Systems.

It is now only a matter of time before Microsoft and the like are going to have to change or be left behind to slowly sink into oblivion and obscurity which we are already seeing as the share of Microsoft Software on all devices included tablets has dropped under 20%. Add to this a pressure from governments within Europe, Russia and even China to start to replace the use of Microsoft Windows with Linux especially in government the pressure on Microsoft is only going to get worse over the next decades.

Though in a way Microsoft and associated United States Computer giants are victims of their own corporate structures and strategies which are both geared for profit and not innovation or flexibility plus the fact that NSA spying actives outside of the United States, especially in Europe, has meant that countries now simply do not believe or trust any software generated by the computer giants in the United States now!

If has gone so far in China they are not telling their people not to use computers with Microsoft Windows on and the government has started it’s own development of a Linux which ironically will have government back doors in it.

I suspect we are going to see a major shift in who actually dominates the computer software market over the next few decades as people slowly wake up as people get more exposure to Open Source software in the form of Android and Linux currently all helped by Microsoft’s current batch of Windows which are universally disliked once people actually use them.

But I still suspect the major computer players in computer industry, especially in the United States, will sit in their Ivory Towers in sheer arrogance believe they are still dominating the industry even as things start to fall around them!

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Microsoft: The Leopard That Will Never Change Its Spots!

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What has gone unreported are the recent actions of Microsoft in the United States where they under the pretence of protecting their users from spam email ceased 23 domains from the dynamic DNS supplier Noip. I suspect those outside of the computer industry and hobbies like myself would not think it was that important to report.

But it should have been reported as Microsoft’s actions caused millions of users of Noip no end of trouble and heart age and accused the likes of myself and Noip of being responsible for the spam on their mail systems. This regardless of the fact Noip I suspect watches it systems very closely and I am totally innocent of such charges.

Add to this the fact that Microsoft thought it had the right to take the domains in the first place smacks in the face of our liberty and freedoms as human beings and civilized society. Just think of what Microsoft did they legally stole the domains which damaged millions of users and business web sites in the process!

They did this without thought of the consequences and with the arrogance of a company which thinks it is still important and big player in the computer industry. Plus it put itself above the basic human rights and freedoms we all have fought for.

We have to ask the question of Microsoft, even if done with the best intentions, what does gave them the right to police the web?

My personal view and observations of Microsoft by attempting to cease these domains rather than actually improve their security they are showing they have lost control of their section of the internet which is now so riddled down to their operating system with viruses and malware to a point users who use their systems now do not get a good experience of the internet any more.

Personally this is just another example of how desperate Microsoft are to remain a big player and regardless of the right noises they make of being more open they still do the same old dodgy and underhand business practices just a little more quietly!

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It’s Time For Users To Look Beyond Windows!

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I may keep banging this drum but someone has too until someone wakes up to the fact the normal users experience of computers and the internet are being blighted by a constant failure of both Microsoft and associated software creators to deal with major security issues associated with the internet.

This is contrast with other operating systems and software out there which do not give the customers the same negative experience of the internet by simply putting in place or spending time to make their operating systems secure enough to only be effected by minor malware and very rare direct attacks on their computer systems.

Even with the current version of Microsoft Windows 8 which was supposed to be a more secure and stable operating system than the previous versions of Windows, users can find they are once again trapped in a constant cycle of maintenance and security issues which both cost them time and hard earned money which they really need elsewhere.

So my advice to new computer users, those who still use Microsoft Windows xp or those thinking of upgrading their computer is to start to look beyond Microsoft Windows and start to consider alternatives as after all in the long run it will both save you money, time and most importantly make the whole process of dealing with the computer and internet a far pleasant experience..

Such alternatives can depend on how the user uses their computer from more expensive Apples to cheaper Linux based computers even down to a tablet, if the user just wants to surf the internet and collect their email. Basically there are alternatives to Windows Computers out there which are not hard to find any more which can be inexpensive and certainly much more pleasant and easier to use than Windows itself!

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Tesla’s Big Step Forward, Open Source’s Gain!

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With Tesla setting all it patents to Open Source recently got me thinking again about the whole Open Source verses Patient battle that most technological companies are in. That is whether to protect the technology with myriads of patients or just to make things open source so everyone can gain from their work.

From my observations of the technology industry from the outside especially the computer industry what Tesla have done is both a brave and the right thing to do. Firstly they will free themselves from the constant ligation battles that patents seam to bring nowadays as people try to get around them and do, all in effort to keep ahead. Secondly because they are open source they now will have to innovate themselves to keep themselves ahead which will mean for the eventual users of Tesla products will end up with better products and choice of products which frankly is a good thing.

This is all in a background to a technological industry which is plagued by constant patent battles all in the effort to protect what the companies have which in turn is stifling innovation and the industries in question moving forward in any meaningful way. Basically they are wasting money and time protecting what they have they have forgotten that they have to constantly innovate to survive.

This has been further highlighted by the massive strives forwards of Open Source Software and Projects have made in the past few decades compared to the big technological companies who if anything have started to falter and show their age because they have put too much effort into law suits against each other than actually new products but rehashes of their old products, the major two examples being Apple and Microsoft.

If the big technological companies keep on this path of constant suing and counter suing over their various patents they will be outstripped by Open Source projects in innovation and real usability for the users. Add to this constant infighting will eventually damage their position, credibility and effectiveness as technological companies as their products will suffer from lack of innovation and quality users of their products will start to look elsewhere.

Basically Tesla, unlike other technological companies, has woken up to advantages of Open Source and I suspect it will open the way to faster uptake of electrical cars and the such now with big advantage they may of given themselves a better future as leading technological company!

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